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What To Expect During a Mediumship Reading

So you booked a Mediumship reading... now what?

Author Clair Moon / Category Clair Moon's Spiri School / Published: Apr-29-2023

Mediumship is a sacred gift as old as time. Spirit has been communicating across the veil via chosen ones providing messages from the afterlife for thousands of years. Mediumship readings have become a popular way for people to connect with their loved ones who have passed away.

Mediums have the ability to communicate with the spirit world and receive messages from the other side. While some people are born with this gift, what I call "natural Mediums", others can develop it through training and practice. However, the success of a mediumship reading not only depends on the medium but also on the readiness of the client.

A Medium's Connection With Their Client Is As Important As Their Connection With Spirit.

Prepare for your reading by estabishing who you would like to connect to. Before your reading speak, pray or write a note to the Spirit of the loved one you would like to come through during your reading. You can bring a photo of your loved one or an item that connects you to them. This is done to invite the soul you wish to connect to into your reading. It's important to note that your desired spirit does not always show up, sometimes you'll have a host of others who show up during your reading with messages that need to be past. Trust me when I say that this always a pleasant surprise to my clients. These messages resonate.

The medium will typically begin by establishing a connection the client's energy and the energy of any spirits present. They may use various techniques such as deep breathing or meditation to enhance their abilities. Once the connection is established, the medium may begin to receive messages from spirits, which they will then relay to the client.

Many mediums encourage clients to approach a reading with an open mind and heart, and to be willing to receive any messages that come through, even if they may not understand them at first. It is also important to ask questions and seek clarification if needed, as the messages may not always be clear or specific.

Bring A Notebook & A Pen

Mediumship readings are not like ordinary psychic readings. They require the medium to connect with spirits and receive messages from them. You may receive information from your loved ones, ancestors, or even spirit guides who have valuable insights to share with you. It is essential to understand that a mediumship reading is not a replacement for professional therapy, and the messages may not always be what you expect.

Finding a Reputable Medium

Finding a reputable medium is the key to a successful reading. You may ask for referrals from friends or family members who have had a positive experience with a medium. Online reviews and ratings are also useful resources to check before booking a session. It is important to find a medium with a proven track record and experience in delivering accurate and compassionate readings.

Provide your medium with no details, only validation for the messages passed to you.

"I hear spirit in all octaves of the supernatural without my ears,  see spirit without my eyes, feel spirit in my soul without my hands, and speak as a channel for souls beyond the veil of the afterlife."

— Clair Moon

Preparing Your Mind and Body

Before the reading, it is crucial to prepare your mind and body to be in the best state possible. Have a good meal, stay hydrated, and avoid alcohol or drugs that may alter your energy. Take some time for meditation or prayer to calm your mind and open yourself up to receiving messages. Think about the people you want to communicate with and be open to any messages that come through.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

Creating a comfortable environment allows your mind and body to feel at ease. Find a quiet and relaxing space where you can sit comfortably during the reading. Dim the lights, light a candle, or burn some incense to set the mood. Make sure that the room is neither too hot nor too cold to avoid any distractions.

Reflecting on the Reading

After the reading, take some time to reflect on the messages you received. This is why note taking is so vital. Messages from spirit are not always immediatley recieved durig your reading, some things are of the past or the present which is immediate, what about your future which hasn't happened yet? It is common to feel a range of emotions, so be kind to yourself and allow yourself to process the information in your own time.


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