What Clair's Clients Say

Lisa B.

I've written and deleted this review a couple of times because I want to ensure that it is as impressive and authentic as Clair herself.

I've had two readings with Clair in the last year and I intend to become a "regular", especially as she re-opens the shop.

I have always been interested in the occult so I have experienced other psychic mediums but NOT ONE of them was as accurate and specific as Clair.

What I like most about her style is that she tells you to not ask questions. Instead she delivers what she is offered without any external knowledge. My most recent reading was directly related to issues I'm facing in my life right now so the insight has been very helpful in changing how I look at the situation and what I need to learn. It wasn't all sweet, but it was exactly what I needed to hear.

Ive found my last psychic/medium AND I am absolutely telling friends!

Jesmine J.

The best money I’ve ever spent! Claire did a fantastic job connecting with my energy and offering spiritual guidance. It can be shocking to see a stranger repeat things you’ve thought about and never spoken to another human. The things Claire shared ran deep, and she was genuine, honest, and professional.

Airyn S.

My Son committed suicide years ago and until today I was never able to find peace with his passing. Somehow I always felt I could have saved him. During my reading Clair connected with my Son immediately. She knew his name, his favorite color, brought up his college sweatshirt, details about his daughter and her age when he passed. Clair knew things about his childhood only me and my Son would know. She described the house here grew up in and the house I live in currently inside and out down to the decor. Clair helped me answer questions I thought I would never get answers for. The gift she has is remarkable. If your looking for the real deal she's the one.

Stacey K.

Clair is truly one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. She is Unconditional Love. Her gifts are without a doubt life changing for those that have worked with her. I have sent many loved ones to Clair and each person has had confirmed experiences and occurrences that were spoken of in their reading. Clair is a clear and pure channel of Spirit for the highest good of all. She is a gift to humanity.

Dana K.

Thanks to Clair I am finding my happiness again! She helped me heal In so many ways.

Zena S.

Her Spiritual gifts and talents ARE REAL!! SHE'S REAL!! If you are looking for spiritual guidance.... She CAN BE TRUSTED to give you direction from a pure place. I am a hard read because of my spiritually intuitive gifts, but this young lady very patiently "waded" her way through my reading and gave me a reading that brought me to tears!

Izzy G.

I had a wonderful experience with Claire at my reading. I've done little research of general tarot/psychics reading prior and always wanted to go to get one done. I went in last night at around 7:30pm a foggy state of mind due to a recent break up expecting a palm reading and tarot card reading. I left there at around 9:45pm with so much more! I left there feeling lighter and at peace. She knew intimate details regarding my past and a pet that passed in 2020 and other details that were confirmed by my mother which I did not expect. I'm so glad that I've met Claire and Apollo and definitely plan on coming back! I already told my mom and brother about my experience and they are very interested in meeting her as well! ❤ My mother is visiting next weekend and said she'd love to meet her! I definitely plan on coming back and recommending her to my friends and family! 😁❤

Constance S.

Clair Moon came to us-we were on a sister trip and we had a session overlooking Lake Michigan. It was a wonderful and life-affirming experience. We highly recommend her.

Victor M.

What a wonderful reading, she was spot on with everything. It was exactly what I was in search for. Very warm and friendly. Made me feel very comfortable and right at home. If you are considering, I would highly recommend. Definitely coming back.

Larissa O.

❤️ Clair opened my eyes on the future, past , and my present life challenges! We all know we have to forgive people in our life but it is very hard to do without deep hidden facts about the matter. I FORGAVE to the bottom of my soul after reading with Clair. I am so thankful for her being in my life ❤️

Alexandra S.

Clair is a loving caring spirit with a beautiful gift, sharing directly the messages that are intended for those she is reading. During my reading I felt very secure and that I knew Clair for many years, even though I just met her. She is very intentional, thorough and takes her time. I felt very connected to her and the messages she shared resonated greatly. I highly recommend Clair for her integrity, passion, and kindness.

Karen H.

My reading and that of my friend were amazing! This is one gifted reader! And the products In the shop are wo derful. A little gem we stumbled upon. We will be going back and taking friends.

Harold S.

On Saturday (5/28/2022), I had a reading with Clair. It was an amazing experience. I went in somewhat skeptical. During the reading, the details she provided, resulted with me coming out a believer and feeling very much at peace.

No, I am not losing it, nor have I ever been familiar with this type of thing. Instead, I simply wish to share with you all, a new chapter of life, that the wife and I have entered into...and something that I am sincerely and thoroughly convinced - is not fake. Without a doubt, Clair has accepted her spiritual gift from God; the honest to goodness real deal and the details she provided me with are impossible to fake - I truly recommend her to others and and you will find guidance and ways to improve yourself and your situation!! This is the place to go and the most authentic young lady to see.

Jeremy S.

I found Clair through a friend who had booked her services and thought I could benefit from getting a reading. I've had readings before and none of them were mind blowing in my opinion, so I wasn't expecting much. I met Clair at her and her husband's shop which is pretty cool and smells great ( I smelled it from around the corner). Clair was very professional and welcoming, it was like talking to a friend. I wasn't prepared for what I would hear. She began to bring up my deceased uncle who died as a result of a murder suicide. She described his size, how the floor would shake when he'd walk down to how the inside of his house looked. She also began to tell me details about how he took his life down to his final moments. I instantly got chills. I shared the information with a family member who was shocked because the details I told him only he and the detective on the case knew them he never shared it with the family. I don't know how she does it but she is the REAL deal. I definitely recommend her services.